Your Newton Law Firm For IRA Distribution And Retirement Asset Planning

When you broaden your perspective on estate planning to holistically evaluate all of your assets and unique personal goals, concerns involving individual retirement accounts (IRAs) often rise to the surface. At Heritage Design Law LLC in Newton, Massachusetts, we can guide you through a step-by-step process for making the most of these and other regulated assets and accounts.

Holistic Planning For Optimum Asset Management And Protection

In all we do, the focus is on helping you make confident, fully informed estate planning decisions aligned with your values and priorities. Resourceful lawyer Frank L. Bridges will recognize that you may have substantial retirement savings in accounts that you may not actively maintain. Our strengths and capabilities cover:

  • Completing a comprehensive inventory of your assets and holdings, including qualified retirement accounts that may soon or ultimately require you take mandatory distributions
  • Assessing personal considerations alongside financial ones as you verify that your beneficiary designations are current and sound
  • Creating trusts when appropriate to serve as beneficiaries of retirement assets
  • Helping clients make sense of the maze of tax planning considerations and available options for IRA management and distribution planning

Questions About Beneficiary Options, Taxation Or Required Mandatory Distributions From IRAs?

We believe that questions and decisions about IRAs are best addressed in the context of a proven, holistic legacy planning process. If you have not reviewed these assets recently, your life circumstances and overall financial picture may have evolved dramatically. Our highly experienced, supportive attorney can help you make retirement asset planning decisions that genuinely make sense for you and those you care about.

To discuss options for getting started with our highly effective Three Step Strategy for designing estate plans that work — in large part because we work actively with our clients to maintain them over time — call 617-564-3864 or send us an email inquiry.