Estate Planning Attorneys In Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Goals as important as protecting your family financially and preserving your legacy may call for more than the drafting of a will and a few other documents. At Heritage Design Law LLC, our dedicated estate planning attorney and professional staff view these objectives with a panoramic lens. We draft those documents, certainly — but the clients we serve have every opportunity to explore options, ask questions and make educated choices along the way.

Comprehensive, Ongoing Planning That Works And Delivers Real Value

Our estate law team is committed to creating carefully constructed, individualized plans that genuinely reflect our clients’ lives, relationships, priorities and values. We design trust-based plans that work in part because of their clarity and strategic soundness, but also because our clients share our commitment to maintaining them over the long term.

The Control And Peace Of Mind You Want Today | Protecting Your Entire Legacy For Loved Ones

Individuals and families in Middlesex County and other area communities turn to our firm in Newton when they have substantial assets and loved ones to consider. Beginning with a clear explanation of our process and the seminars and other learning opportunities we offer, we focus on:

We want every client we serve to have a clear understanding of the trust-based plans we create for them and maintain on an ongoing basis. Further, our services encompass designing plans with instructions that trustees themselves, accountants and lawyers who may be involved in settling the estate can follow. We prioritize avoiding probate and streamlining the settlement process.

To learn about our three-step strategy for effective estate planning and discuss the range of educational opportunities and services we provide, call 617-564-3864 or inquire by email now.