Middlesex County Estate Planning Law Firm: Charitable Giving Counsel And Strategies

How many people have a favored charitable cause or dream of funding a scholarship program but do not get around to planning their legacy to account for those values? We often encounter goals such as these in our seminars and individuals sessions with clients from Newton and other area communities from Waltham to Needham, Wellesley To Brookline and points between.

Do You Want To Explore Plans For Giving Back To A Community Or Cause?

Our attorney and support team find that many of the business leaders, professionals, executives and other clients we serve are interested in charitable giving as well as planful “gifting” within their families. Our structured, counseling-oriented approach to comprehensive estate planning is ideal in this situation, because clients can rely on:

  • Clear, individualized guidance on all aspects of disability planning, business risk management and other potential barriers to moving forward with a charitable gifting plan
  • Identification of gifting plans and tools enabling you to bequeath what you want, when you want and with the stipulations you choose
  • Thorough examination of options such as creation of a charitable remainder trust or annuities that can benefit both your family and your selected charitable organization

Creation of a cohesive charitable gifting strategy and a trust-based estate plan that accounts for your own needs are compatible objectives. In addition to clients who have built their own legacies, we often assist those fortunate to have inherited wealth who want to support something lasting and meaningful.

If charitable giving is among the issues you would like to explore with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer, our firm is a premier choice in the Middlesex County region. To get started on the path to a plan that genuinely reflects your legacy and values, please call or email our legal team.