Asset Protection Through Estate Planning: Attorneys Based In Middlesex County

In various forms, asset protection is a fundamental consideration in estate planning — whenever there are significant assets to protect. Although some people shy away from the term, fearing shady or self-centered implications, asset protection is a legal and perfectly sensible goal.

Tax, Personal And Business Planning In Full View Of Your Specific Assets And Goals

Tax planning strategies are integral in our approach to comprehensive estate and legacy planning at Heritage Design Law LLC in Newton. But our lawyer and staff go much further in their analysis of your asset protection opportunities. We are dedicated to:

  • Helping clients title assets properly and ensure that their ownership structures are optimal from a tax management perspective
  • Examining all options for advantageous in-family or charitable giving within your means, with plans giving you the control and flexibility you value
  • Evaluating risks such as personal liability associated with your business or professional practice, in order to minimize all such risks through strategic LLC formation or other means
  • Ensuring that your comprehensive, trust-based estate plan is the result of a full inventory of your personal goals, assets vulnerable to taxation and other factors

We Create Easily Implemented, Strategic Plans That Work Because We Actively Maintain Them

While the approach to asset protection our attorney takes within estate planning is comprehensive and collaborative on the front end, the plans we create for our clients ultimately work because of a continued commitment to changing them as needed. We create plans that are as simple and clear-cut to administer as possible, helping clients avoid many complications that can rapidly escalate costs of settling the estate.

Our founding attorney Frank L. Bridges has worked closely and directly with entrepreneurs and executives across many professions and industries. If your business interests and asset protection goals are intertwined, we speak your language and will help you make sense of it all. To learn more about our seminars and full-spectrum estate planning services, call 617-564-3864 or send us an email now.