Newton Attorney For Family Business Succession Plans And LLC Formation

Families with significant assets, often including business interests and substantial real estate holdings, are best served through a holistic approach to estate planning and active, ongoing maintenance. In our view at Heritage Design Law Group LLC, truly effective estate plans are trust-based plans created out of a step-by-step inquiry into clients’ unique goals and values.

Integrated, Comprehensive Estate Planning, Including LLC And Family Partnership Formation

Led by founding attorney Frank L. Bridges, we are adept at recognizing scenarios that may be best addressed through formation of a limited liability company (LLC) or family limited partnership (FLP). These structures sometimes have very specific, tangible benefits relative to:

  • Carefully planned asset transfers that can be executed without sacrificing control over those assets while you are alive and able to exercise it
  • Protection of family members and their assets from personal liability as part of an overall risk management strategy
  • The comprehensive tax planning that is essential to maximizing the value of your estate and its benefit for future generations and/or charitable causes that you support

If you have begun to think seriously about family business succession and preparation for life’s other inevitable, major transitions, our law firm in Newton is a premier resource. Our lawyer and service-oriented support team are dedicated to communicating The Truth About Estate Planning™— and that means the whole truth as it pertains to your individual situation and heritage.

We Thrive On Cutting Through Complexity And Helping Clients Create The Legacies They Envision

If you would like to call us about how a relationship with lawyer Frank L. Bridges can lead to confidence and peace of mind about your entire, cohesive estate plan, we encourage you to call us.