The Heritage Estate Planning Process™

Living trusts, wills, health care proxies, living wills, HIPAA waivers, advanced health care directives and powers of attorney are estate planning documents essential to a complete estate plan. Without proper counseling and careful implementation, however, we observe from experience in probate matters that most estate plans just don’t work! In other words, your estate plan may not meet your expectations, or the expectations of your loved ones.

Our Heritage Estate Planning Process TM promotes successful planning with education to help you understand your options, skillful counseling and careful guidance by your estate planning attorney, and a thorough process to help you make informed, thoughtful decisions. The Heritage Design Estate Planning Process is the first step in the Three Step Strategy TM for successful planning.

The process begins with our orientation class called The Truth About Estate Planning (or “TAEP”). In TAEP you will learn why estate planning is about more than just taxes and transferring your money. Successful planning requires that you have a clear understanding of your planning options. If you don’t know that there are solutions to a problem you face, you can’t solve the problem.

The education continues with Designing A Plan That Works TM, a tutorial on concepts you will need to prepare for your planning process. You are welcome to listen to the program from our website at your leisure, so you can get more insight into what your planning experience would be with us.

A Heritage Conversation to Capture Your Personal Legacy

Your accumulated wisdom is an important part of your unique legacy, and we will help you record your stories, your experiences and your personal perspective as part of your uniquely human legacy. We work hard to provide an interesting, rewarding and satisfying estate planning experience for you.

Step 2™ Program

Over time, new transitions in your life and changes in the law can make your carefully prepared plan gradually go out of date. Our Step 2 Progarm will help you keep your plan in synch with the cycle of your life and prepare your loved ones to carry out your wishes.