Our Step 2™ Program

Step 2™ Program

The second step of the Three Step Strategy TM is to commit yourself and your loved ones to a formal and continuous maintenance and education program. That’s our Step Two ProgramTM. The program helps our clients address the changes in their lives and keep their plans up to date. The program consists of three components:

  • Funding updates to make sure the assets line up with the plan.
  • Document updates to make sure your expressions of your personal wishes are consistent with your current wishes and to keep up with changes in the law.
  • Training for our clients, their helpers and their beneficiaries so everyone affected by the plan will know their roles, how the plan will be carried out, and what to expect.

Nuts ‘N BoltsTM

The training component is provided in the Nuts ‘N Bolts TM classes. Those who are expected to play a role in your plan, and those whose lives will be affected by it, should learn what to expect.

The principle of Nuts ‘N Bolts TM education is that repetition is the engine of learning. The program builds on the education our clients receive as part of their Heritage Estate Planning Process. These classes are offered twice each per year to members of the Step 2™ Program.

The Nuts ‘N Bolts TM of Disability

No estate plan is complete without dealing with the challenge of disability and the inability to handle one’s financial affairs. Disability training includes reviewing the purposes of powers of attorneys, health care proxies, HIPAA waivers, disability trusts and the challenges and decisions those who fill those roles can expect to face.

The Nuts ‘N BoltsTM of Trust Settlement

Successor trustees and beneficiaries alike who will be affected by the plan need to understand what happens during the estate settlement process . They inevitably want and need to know what to do, what to expect, and how to pay for it.

The Nuts ‘N BoltsTM of Trust Settlement teaches the basic concepts of estate settlement for executors and trustees, what happens during this transition period, how estate taxes, if any, are determined and paid, what happens when a revocable living trust becomes a permanent long-term trust, and the role of executors and administrative trustees.