Probate And Estate Administration Attorney: Norfolk, Middlesex And Surrounding Counties

At Heritage Design Law LLC, we provide full-service assistance to individuals and families that must navigate the estate settlement process in our region of Massachusetts. In a great many cases, our estate administration clients have built long-standing relationships with attorney Frank L. Bridges; in others, Mr. Bridges steps in as a lawyer committed to relieving administrators’ stress and practical burdens.

Work With A Full-Service Estate Settlement Lawyer · Complete Planning Services To Maximize Your Legacy

Efficient, detail-conscious completion of estate tax returns and other steps in the probate process can alleviate some costs and potential complications. However, it is crucial to recognize that far greater savings, control and flexibility can often be achieved through holistic advance planning and bypassing the probate courts altogether.

We create trust-based plans through close, intensive collaboration with our clients and maintain them actively to ensure life’s changes and key financial considerations are optimally addressed. Critical components of our Three Step Strategy — which is covered in greater depth in our estate planning learning center — include:

  • Emphasis on minimizing and planning for the likely costs of estate administration
  • Establishment of a framework for periodically assessing your plans and documents to ensure assets are appropriately titled and changes in your family structure or goals are accounted for
  • Inclusion of family members, successors and advisors in the planning process, with the clear goal of educating them on how to implement your plan confidently and cost-effectively when that time comes

There is no time like the present to start thinking seriously about your estate planning objectives and the personal legacy you want to leave behind. To discuss your immediate or eventual needs regarding estate administration, call our legal team in Newton at 617-630-5700 or reach out to us via email.