Newton Trusts Attorney: Assisting With Your Estate Planning

A few of the common, fundamental reasons for setting up one or more trusts as part of your estate plan are widely known. Trusts are instrumental, if not always perfectly effective, for avoiding Massachusetts probate courts and excessive estate taxes. At our estate planning law firm in Newton, we help people realize the full value of strategic trust formation and complete the ongoing maintenance essential to making them work as planned.

Trust Formation And Maintenance Informed By Your Singular Situation

Attorney Frank L. Bridges focuses on creation of comprehensive, trust-based estate plans for people with substantial assets and important goals involving their legacies. We do this through a Three Step Strategy that emphasizes learning, collaboration and the importance of passing along wisdom along with wealth. Key considerations for you may include:

  • Attorney Frank L. Bridges has been practicing estate law in Massachusetts since 1972, and along the way he has structured comprehensive, trust-based estate plans for people confronting all types of nuanced financial, business and personal challenges.
  • We are familiar with the full range of trusts and intensely dedicated to providing sound guidance based on thorough analysis of each client’s unique situation.
  • Our clients often become “clients for life” because they are committed to the ongoing maintenance of trusts and related documents to respond to legal and personal changes.
  • We create and maintain plans that are as straightforward to administer and settle as possible, accompanied by education and instructions that clarify roles, obligations and your intent.

Turn To Our Team For Estate Planning Aligned With Your Most Important Goals

You may have specific questions regarding a charitable trust, special needs trust or insurance trust. We have answers, explanations and options to share. Perhaps you have not engaged in full-fledged estate planning before and want to understand the principles and benefits of living trusts, irrevocable trusts and revocable trusts. We are here to help you learn what you need to know to exert as much control as possible over your wealth, now and for the future.

We encourage you to explore our Learning Center if you would like further insight into our holistic approach to estate, legacy and business planning. To get started, call our office in Newton at 617-564-3864 or email us anytime and we will reply as promptly as possible.