Getting Started

You can start your estate planning process with us in two ways:

Option 1: Register for a Client Orientation Meeting

We believe we have an obligation to help you understand what you could do before you decide what you should do. The Client Orientation Meeting is the best we have found to do that.

A Client Orientation Meeting is a group meeting that includes a presentation called The Truth About Estate Planning TM. The Client Orientation Meeting is designed primarily to help people decide how to choose an estate planning attorney. It’s centered around a series of questions – not the questions our clients ask us, but rather the questions we think you would ask if you knew what we know about how estate plans work. Since we’re raising the questions, we’ll explain our answers to them, too.

At the meeting you will learn about our philosophy, our estate planning process and our pricing system. It takes all the guesswork out of the decision whether we are the right people to help you with your planning. You can hear the questions of others, ask your own questions, and make your assessment without the pressure of scheduling an individual meeting during the daytime or meeting directly with an attorney. Most of our clients prefer this method of getting started and meeting us.

The class is most often given in the evening, on the second Tuesday of each month, beginning at 6:30 PM and ending by 8:00 PM. There is no charge for the class.

To register call Alicia Sweeney (617-630-5700, Ext. 6), our Client Services Coordinator, who can help you find the best class to suit your schedule.

Option 2: Schedule a Planning Needs Assessment TM

A Planning Needs Assessment TM is an individual meeting with an attorney. The meeting usually takes about an hour.

Our job is to help you sharpen your focus on your goals, and to help you understand what you could do before you decide what you should do. The agenda at the Planning Needs Assessment TM is for us to learn about you, your concerns, and your goals, to discuss your planning options, to assess what services you truly need, and to explain what your experience working with us might be like.

Please note: Attending a Client Orientation Meeting (Option 1 above) seems to be the preferred way to begin the planning process – most people who ask for a Planning Needs Assessment TM choose to go to a Client Orientation Meeting as their next step. It’s the best way to find out about what you could do before you decide what you should do.

Don’t worry about a fee for the meeting. Our policy on estate planning fees is that no client will incur a fee without agreeing to it in advance. All of our estate planning fees are fully disclosed, and you will incur no obligation to our firm without a written agreement.

If you decide not to work with us, you will not be charged for the meeting.

To schedule a Planning Needs Assessment TM, call Alicia Sweeney (617-630-5700, Ext. 6) , our Client Services Coordinator, and schedule a meeting at your convenience.