Middlesex County Law Firm: Estate Planning Learning Center

At Heritage Design Law LLC in Newton, Massachusetts, our entire law practice is grounded in client education and productive collaboration. Attorney Frank L. Bridges and our team strive to equip each individual and family we assist with the tools and concepts needed to establish comprehensive, trust-based estate plans that work backed by a mutual commitment to maintaining them on an ongoing basis.

An Exceptional, Fulfilling Client Experience Begins With Practical Education

Our dedicated lawyer and staff have designed presentations and other materials covering some fundamental concepts of estate planning. Further, these resources in our online estate planning Learning Center offer valuable insight into our holistic approach, which encourages clients to think in terms of their full human legacy, rather than financial issues alone. By following the links below, you can:

If you have substantial assets to protect, family to provide for and a commitment to full-fledged estate planning, we look forward to learning more about your needs. To address questions to our lawyer and staff or register for a learning session at our conveniently located office in Middlesex County, call 617-630-5700 or email us now.